even if you decide not to undertake the repair with us
 Brand new SSD drive 120GB with installation and data transfer for PC or laptop 80 Eur

 Software Repairs 
 Operating System installation with data backup  (Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 10)
includes drivers and basic software package
 30 Eur
 Virus removal and protection from further attacks 15-30 Eur
Drivers installation (Wi-Fi / LAN / USB / Sound / Videocard etc.)
10 Eur
OS and software optimisation and improvement
 15 Eur
Any software configuration according to client's needs
 15-30 Eur
Windows password recovery
 10 Eur
Apple MAC OS  and software installation with data backup 
35 Eur
Other Apple MAC OS service
Please call us
Hardware and Electronics Repairs
quoted prices include cost of components and cost of work
PC or laptop maintenance (full cleaning of cooling system + thermal paste replacement + oiling of moving parts + dust cleaning)
 30 Eur
Laptop screen replacement 15,6" *
60-140 Eur
Laptop screen replacement 17,3" *
 70-160 Eur
Other screen replacement (8" - 21")
 Please call us
Keyboard replacement*
 20-80 Eur
Touchpad replacement*
20-85 Eur
USB, Audio, LAN, HDMI and other port replacement
20-50 Eur
Other laptop parts repair or replacement
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Components replacement (DVD, RAM, HDD, SSD, fan, cooling, processor, power supply) 
Please call us 
Repairs of portable computer after liquid spill
60-120 Eur
Laptop motherboard repairs* 
50-90 Eur
Videochip replacement
 110-140 Eur
BIOS recovery or programming* 20-80 Eur
 Charger port replacement* 30-50 Eur
 Motherboard components re-welding20-55 Eur
Peripherals Repairs
LCD Monitors repairs
20-45 Eur
Printers and scanners repairs
25-45 Eur
 Other servicesPlease call us 
 Data Recovery and Copy 
Data copy from one PC to another
 15 Eur
 1:1 copy from one HDD to another 20 Eur
 Data and settings transfer from one PC to another15-45 Eur
Data recovery from external hard drive
20-200 Eur
Data recovery from Flash drive
 Please call us
Data recovery from damaged HDD
65-140 Eur
Data recovery from non-working HDD
50-170 Eur
 Vast choice of computer parts, components and accessorieson demand
 *depending on laptop model