Desktop Computers

Computer overheating must be avoided. We offer replacement of inner components (processor fan, AC adaptor, video card) and thermal paste replacement (for video card, processor).

If your computer works on high temperature regimes, its capabilities and life expectancy falls drastically, therefore it is recommended that regular checkups and cleanups are performed at least once a year; for work and gaming computers (the ones that stay turned on for longer and work more intense) – twice a year.

Portable Computers

We offer cleaning of inner parts of your portable computer (maintenance, thermal paste replacement, oiling of moving parts, dust cleaning). First signs of portable computer overheating is noise (you can hear the fan working inside), hot spots on your computer surface, low performance, software freeze and eventually uncontrolled turn-off . Often inside fan stops working and cooling due to high dust contamination. Similar to desktop, portable computers are recommended for annual clean-ups and check-ups; powerful work or gaming laptops - twice a year. If the computer is continued to operate in higher temperature regimes, video card, fan or microchips can be damaged. On-time performed check-ups will prevent costly repairs and help avoid situations when computer lets you down in important moment.