Repairs of electronic parts

My Service can fix electronics inside your portable or desk computer. Usually computer needs such repairs when unstable power supply damages the inner parts like video card, motherboard, AC adaptor or other. Repairing is at least 3 times cheaper than replacing the part with the new one. If your computer doesn’t turn on, or there is a black screen upon startup - this might be the sign that one of the above mentioned components is damaged. Our repair shop will check and locate the problem (at no cost to you) and offer either replacing the component or repairing it, so you can see the price difference. We offer warranty on our repairs, therefore not only you will save money but will also be sure of the quality of our work. It is not worth over-paying for replacement of the whole part with hundreds of tiny components, if only few of those components are not working. 

Hardware repairs

Very often our clients come to us when various computer ports are broken: USB, charging port, audio, HDMI, LAN etc. We can replace broken components in short time, so you can use the computer again in full. We will replace the ports with new ones of high quality.

We can also replace broken external parts (lid or bottom part of the case). If we don’t have the right replacement part in stock, we can order and get it same day at best price. Replacement components will be brand new and often-times with higher capacity than your old ones, which will increase computer performance. MyService can advise on and perform computer upgrades to improve its speed and capacity: we can replace RAM, hard-drive, LCD screen, keyboard etc. All our services come with warranty.